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Who We Are

We are an experienced consulting team that provides you with deep, programmatic expertise. We work with you and your team to evaluate programs, identify opportunities, and implement solutions that lead to sustainable, quality programming.  

In 2014, we took the plunge and began utilizing our combined 30 years of non-profit experience - 20 directly with Big Brothers Big Sisters - to provide virtual and in-person consultative services.  Having worked together for many years, we knew that our complementary expertise in "all things program" would allow us to serve organizations by doing what we have done for years - assisting organizations in identifying areas of opportunity and providing plans for long-term, sustainable change leading to quality programs.  

We empathize with leaders who recognize that although they may have the competencies needed to identify areas of opportunity - they do not have the time.  Using a straight-forward, honest approach to problem-solving, Melissa and Cerigwyn are able to objectively identify and communicate essential themes and trends that allow leaders to continue to lead with confidence