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What We Do

We help you strengthen your program one step at a time

Whether you've been at your agency for 20 years or 20 days, we recognize that you may reach a point when you can benefit from objective, knowledgeable support, which will allow you to increase program capacity, improve results and identify areas of opportunity.  

At CM Consulting Group, we offer that support by creating a customized plan to address your specific need and assist you as you successfully move your organization forward.   

Because our team members live on both the east and west coast,  the majority of our projects are accomplished virtually; however, in-person consultation, program evaluation, and training is also available.  After years of working with hundreds of non-profit organizations through remotely-based consulting roles, we have established the ability to successfully build and develop meaningful, supportive relationships, which will allow you to move your organization forward one step at a time.

                                                                                                                         "CM Consulting Group brings not only a wealth of program expertise and knowledge, but both Melissa and Cerigwyn use their personal program management experiences to develop targeted and realistic strategies that can work for any agency regardless of capacity and resource limitations. They are skilled trainers and are providing this service for us in-person and via webinars."   
- Liz, Indiana Grant Coordinator