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The Group

The "Group" is a team of contractors who have deep knowledge and experience working with non-profits and whose competencies will allow CM Consulting Group the ability to serve more clients with excellence. 

Angie Ross

Quality Assurance & Data Guru

Angie  brings a diverse professional background to the Group, including experience in program management, marketing, and operations across the private, non-profit, and public sectors, as well as a  Master's in Education from Harvard University. She first served in program leadership as COO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, where she oversaw program development, implementation, and evaluation. From there, she worked on a team with Cerigwyn and Melissa and had the privilege of supporting agency leaders across the country in her role with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 

For CM Consulting Group, Angie primarily focuses on:   

  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Data Analysis

beth Rose-Kearns

With over 23-years of experience as a Learning & Development Specialist in the for- and not-for-profit worlds, Beth brings incredible knowledge and expertise to The Group.  She will contract with CM Consulting Group primarily in areas of training design.  Beth has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America as well as local agencies developing and facilitating trainings remotely as well as in-person.  Her roots in training stem from product management from McDonnell-Douglas, US Bank and other large scale enterprises.  Cerigwyn and Melissa worked directly with Beth on multiple projects and training events during their time at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and are thrilled to be able to identify projects in which that collaboration will be able to continue.  

For CM Consulting Group, Beth focuses on: 

  • Training Design
  • Curriculum Design 
  • Learning & Development